iPhone 15 Pro Models Allegedly to Cost More

According to recent speculations, the iPhone 15 Pro models might see a price increase compared to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Pro Models

iPhone 15 Pro Models

A Weibo rumour claims that in order to close the pricing gap with the iPhone 15 Plus, Apple would raise the price of this year’s iPhone 15 Pro models. It’s unclear how much the price increase may increase. With starting prices of $999 and $1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, respectively, any price rise would bring both high-end iPhone models for the first time above the $1,000 mark.

According to the source, there will be an even greater need to differentiate between pro and non-pro smartphones this year since the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will include a number of capabilities that are now available only on the pro versions, such as Dynamic Island and the 48-megapixel camera.

Apple is reportedly “extremely” worried about the sales of the iPhone 14 Plus, which has a starting price of $899 and is only $100 more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro. As a result, the business is reportedly considering various pricing plans to increase sales of the regular iPhone 15 models.

Considering that the source of the Weibo post is unknown, it should be treated with caution for the time being. However, occasionally reliable information may be found in unconfirmed Weibo rumours, like with the Adaptive True Tone flash and range of colour possibilities for the iPhone 14 Pro.

The equivalent iPhone 14 models maintained to cost the same as the iPhone 13 models despite several speculations that they will see a price hike of about $100. Since the smaller iPhone “Pro” model or its equal has been available for $999 since 2017, it is just a matter of time until Apple increases costs once more.

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